Have a collapsed sewer lateral, storm pipe broken, or you have an unknown blockage in a pipe?

Not looking forward to excavating along the pipe path when searching for the problem?

Don’t know where your water supply pipe’s underground location is?

Well there is no need for those unnecessary excavations to detect these problems anymore! 

The best way to inspect a pipeline drain system is to get a close-up view. Drain and sewer systems can be visually examined and diagnosed by sending a CCTV video camera through the problem drain or sewer lines.

Structural pipeline problems are normally caused by:

  • Sags (low areas)
  • Tree root infiltration or water infiltration
  • Broken or crushed pipes
  • Cross boring from other utilities
  • Foreign substances (eg. Restaurants with food fat)
  • Foreign objects

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What ever the problem is, we can fix it!

More information about our pipe inspections service…

As a leak finder specialist, we can easily find the location of your blockage or broken pipe underground.
Now with the new technology that is available ensures unnecessary damage to property caused by excavations.

The condition of a drain line typically cannot be determined without the visual inspection using an in-line camera. A CCTV in-line Camera is inserted and follows the sewer line and identifies any obstructions or damage that inhibits proper flow or creates occasional or repeated backups. The camera also verifies that obstructions have been completely removed when the job is completed, and that the lines are in clean flowing service. The condition of a drain line typically cannot be determined without a visual inspection using an in-line camera.

Our cape town storm water inspection technician will give you advice and share his knowledge to solve the problem as fast as possible and cost effective once an inspection is completed.

We then have a drain cleaning and a storm water pipe cleaning team available in Cape Town at your convenience after an inspection has concluded that there in deed are obstructions that need to be removed in your drain, sewer or pipeline system