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Leak detection without property destruction
Visual Inspections can only reveal so much, with thermal imaging or better known as infrared scanning we can see behind obstacles such as walls and floors without being destructive. Thermal imaging cameras use infrared scanning technology to compare the relative temperature of one object to that of its surroundings. These thermal images can reveal problems with moisture, electrical systems, mechanical overheating of motors / machinery as well as problems with insulation, structural, plumbing and can even reveal insect infestations. Thermal photography offers prospective buyers and building owners great services such as to spot potential risks and identify energy saving opportunities. Infrared scanning is extremely useful for older homes where drafts, plumbing and electrical issues are more prevalent. A home is often the most expensive purchase you'll make in a lifetime, don't skimp on the thermal photography inspection. No one wants to buy somebody else's problems. The use of a thermal imaging is only one part of the inspection, the second part is you need to be able to properly interpret the infrared images. Incorrect interpretation of the infrared scanning can mean missing problems in the house as well as pointing out defects that are not actually there. Cape Leak Detection assures you that with our smart leak detection equipment that we are properly trained to ensure that we deliver the best results. Our smart leak detection equipment will assist prospective buyers to easily discover the following: Hidden Leaks in walls, ceilings,building structure,roofs,underground leaks...... Air leaks, lack of insulation,damaged timber, insect infestation.... Moisture Damage, Mold Build-up, mechanical overheating..... "Hot Connections" and overheated equipment in your electrical systems
Thermal Image (Infrared) Inspection Services
Plumbing Leak Detection Blocked Pipes Water Leaks Warm Water Pipe Detection
Thermal Imaging inspections now make it possible to identify missing and marginal insulation which results are: Building Insulation Inspection Heat Loss Problems Cold Air Infiltration Drafts Excessive Heating Moisture build- up and more.........
Building Insulation Inspection
Other Thermal Inspections
Insect Infestation Detection Unwanted Rodent Detection Construction Defect Detection such us air pockets in walls Roof and ceiling leaks Basically anything that has an unknown temperature difference can be detected.
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Cape Leak Detection & Plumbing Services
Leak Detection on water pipe networks. Plumbing pipe location Water leak repairs Detect water leaks under or behind obstacles with infra red image scanning. Moisture origin detection We cater for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal services. We detect leaks without breaking down walls,lifting tiles and pavements. Advice on the best manner to repair discovered water leaks. Our response time is excellent, call now and test us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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When you hear continuous sound of water. When your water meter still turns when nobody uses any water source. When your water account escalates for an unknown reason. For wet, spongy, moist or discoloured areas on walls or floors. When building foundation cracks, earth shifts for an unknown reason. When smell of foul odours coming from floors or walls near drains or sewers.