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Have a collapsed sewer lateral, storm pipe broken, or an unknown blockage in a pipe? Not looking forward to excavating along the path of the pipe looking for the problem? Don't know where water supply pipe is located underground? The best way to inspect pipeline drain systems is to get a view close-up. Drain and sewer systems can be visually examined and diagnosed by sending a video camera CCTV through the problem drain or sewer. Structural pipeline problems are normally caused by: Sags (low areas) Tree root infiltration/water infiltration Broken/crushed pipes Cross boring from other utilities Foreign substances (eg. Restaurants with food fat) Foreign objects Our leak finder and drain inspection Cape Town team and storm water pipeline inspection Cape Town team will find that problem quick, fast and efficiently with new technology - drain cameras for sewer or storm pipes, transmitters for water pipes. As a specialist leak finder we can easily find the location of blockage or broken pipe underground now with new technology is the answer to ensure unnecessary damaging of property caused by excavations. Our CCTV Drain Camera will follow inside the sewer pipe. Video cameras is used to identify obstructions and damage that inhibit proper flow or create occasional or repeated backups. The camera also verifies that obstructions have been removed and that the lines are clean following service. The condition of a drain line typically cannot be determined without a visual inspection using an in-line camera. Every detail of the interior of your drain is shown on a television colour screen. Video images are transmitted to the camera operator via a closed circuit TV screen. Images can be saved onto memory stick for a permanent record and can also be audio documented. Our cape town storm water inspection technician will give you advice and share his knowledge to solve the problem as fast as possible and cost effective. We also have a drain cleaning Cape Town team and a storm water pipe cleaning Cape Town team at your convenience after an inspection concluded that there are obstructions / objects that need to be removed in your drain or pipeline systems.
STOP UNNECESSARY EXCAVATIONS to locate that blocked pipe or drain. Using Cape Leak Detection video inspection equipment visually locates blockages and any pipeline structural problems.
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Leak Detection on water pipe networks. Plumbing pipe location Water leak repairs Detect water leaks under or behind obstacles with infra red image scanning. Moisture origin detection We cater for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal services. We detect leaks without breaking down walls,lifting tiles and pavements. Advice on the best manner to repair discovered water leaks. Our response time is excellent, call now and test us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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When you hear continuous sound of water. When your water meter still turns when nobody uses any water source. When your water account escalates for an unknown reason. For wet, spongy, moist or discoloured areas on walls or floors. When building foundation cracks, earth shifts for an unknown reason. When smell of foul odours coming from floors or walls near drains or sewers.