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Leak detection without property destruction
You need to know where water pipes are to detect a leak . With our water leak detection services we can detect your water pipes and plot them on a map for future use if you don't know where they are. The main techniques we use for water leak detection involve using ground microphones, tracer gasses, leak correlators and thermal imaging cameras. Water leaks can occur in many different places. It may come in the form of a leak in the shower, kitchen, bathroom or geyser . Leaks in these areas are usually minor problems that can easily be detected and taken care of. Leaks become a bigger problem when they are in less visible places like a tank or pipe and that is where water leak detection equipment comes in. We are the leaders in leak detection services in the Cape Town area, our water leak detection services are highly recommended by top companies such as the Victoria & Alfred Hotel (Waterfront), Sun International Group, Comfort Stay (Guest House), Grande Kloof (Guest House). We have top quality water leak detection equipment to pin point any water leak not visible to the human eye. With our water leak detection equipment and plumbing repair team we are immediately available to repair the detected water leak with minimal damages to walls or floors. We also recommend that you use our plumbing services repair team after we have detected the water leak to avoid the possibility for coming out again to point out the leak if another plumber opens the affected area and possibly misses the leak.
We use the following main methods to detect leaks:
1. Gas Leak Detection (Gas Detector / Tracer Gas) With the gas leak detection technique, a non-toxic, water insoluble and lighter-than-air gas, such as helium or hydrogen, is injected into an isolated segment of a water pipe. The tracer gas escapes at a leak opening and then, being lighter than air, permeates to the surface through the soil and pavement. The leak is located by scanning the ground surface directly above the pipe with a highly sensitive gas detector.
2. Electronic Listening Devices This equipment is used for listening for water movement in water pipes. Leaks can be isolated to a particular area of the property using these devices.
3. Thermal Imaging Infrared photography highlights the warmer and the colder surface areas. We use thermal imaging technology to establish the source of many problems and in many applications where a difference in heat will give an accurate indication to a potential water leak source.
water leak detection
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Leak Detection on water pipe networks. Plumbing pipe location Water leak repairs Detect water leaks under or behind obstacles with infra red image scanning. Moisture origin detection We cater for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal services. We detect leaks without breaking down walls,lifting tiles and pavements. Advice on the best manner to repair discovered water leaks. Our response time is excellent, call now and test us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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