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Commercial / Industrial Water leak Detection
Commercial / Industrial Water leak Detection
We use the following method to detect leaks on pipe systems of any size:
Gas Leak Detection (Gas Detector / Tracer Gas) With the gas leak detection technique, a non-toxic, water insoluble and lighter-than-air gas, such as helium or hydrogen, is injected into an isolated segment of a water pipe.
1) With the water supply turned off, a plumbing fitting such as a tap is removed and a hose from the gas cylinder is attached to piping network at this point. The gas is then turned on and allowed to flow freely into the piping system. If there is no leak the piping system will hold pressure, if there is a leak the gas will start to flow out of the pipe work at the leak. The result is that this gas filters through the ground/concrete or what ever the covering, to the surface. At the surface we then trace this gas with a specialised gas sensor. 2) With the water supply on, gas is injected under pressure into the water system. The gas is then held in solution in the water while under pressure and when it gets to the leak there is no further pressure to hold the gas in solution, it now breaks away from the water particle and come to the surface in the same way as it did above. This method can only be done by qualified and trained staff.
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